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Tingaling Yoga


Yoga is not just a physical practise

By focusing on synchronicity between breath and movement Yoga is a holistic process, which is healing, strengthening,
calming and empowering the mind and body. Paying attention to our breath is the easiest way to change our mindset and emotional state.

Yoga is a true stress reliver that offers something to everybody, regardless of their age, gender, size, shape, background or fitness level.
Practise and flow with me through challenging, calming and well-rounded Asana sequences that stimulate and train your body – including guided
meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama).

Quiet and calm your restless mind by combining movement, breath, mindful attention and relaxation.

Energy flows
Energy flows

Energy flows when there is Space

„Give me some space…“
We probably all know this expression, but what do we mean with that and how to we get that space?
When the mind is full of thoughts, which won‘t let you rest, we need to flush them out and put them on pause.
We actually have to create that space within ourselfs. Yoga can help to create that much needed intercellular space in mind and body. Meditation is a wonderful technique to calm down our restless mind.
The same we can do in our bodies. By asana practise we are stretching out the whole body and create space within.

When there is space, energy (Prana) can flow. And when energy is flowing, we enforce the bodies natural healing abilities we feel balanced, well, strong, confident and we are able to connect more easily to our environments.

Yoga and the Art of Listening

Awareness and mindful attention is inevitable to create a positive flow.
Sensitize and develop your self-awareness.
Learning to listen to your body is a process that requires patience and compassion.

Listen to your body in meditation or asana practise to feel the physical sensations, which are the body‘s way of getting your attention.
Find out how to tune in and respond to what your body has to say. 

Yogaclass Mundo Nuevo Tingaling
Yogaclass Mundo Nuevo Tingaling

Flow with me…

Overall, as a teacher, it is not just sharing the knowledge about Yoga but also about mindul living practises. Inspired deeply by nature, each practice is a call for conscious connection with ourselves and the world around us, liberating creative life force and finding freedom from within. In my classes I try to use a lighthearted and playful approach, which is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga, to encourage people to „live life to the fullest“ and allowing students to practise at their own pace in a safe and transformational environment. (read more on About)

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✿ Vinyasa Yoga Instructor    ✿ Ballet Barre Guide   ✿ Photography

Stay updated for upcoming classes…
Playlists for your soul and flow…

✿ Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
✿ Ballet Barre Guide   ✿ Photography