Photography Bali Ceremony

Photography Bali Ceremony


Capturing the light

Sometimes you just need to let go of preconception and allow yourself to see. Photography reminds me constantly how beautiful and diverse our planet and its inhabitants are. It gives me a creative fulfilment and helps me to express artistically.

During my travels I have the great opportunity to capture places, cultures, and simply the raw beauty of life‘s moments.
Especially working with Yogis & Yoginis, it is the devotion to a spiritual practise and the difference between individuals, their body and mind, which inspires me. Combining yoga and photography magnified my love for both.

Capturing not just the light around but also the light within.

Shooting travel, portrait, commercial and movement photography – capturing the energy of what makes someone unique.
Please contact me if you are interested in a session.
I aim to capture a varied mix of photographs and lots of lovely unplanned moments in beween all of that.

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