Tingaling Journey - Tina

Tingaling Journey - Tina


collecting moments, friendships and leaving places greener

Inner Pathways – 100h advanced training

Bali, November 2019

Yoga meets Chinese medicine and Thai Yoga Massage. 12 day immersion guided by Daniela Garza and Carlos Romero. This training took us through the Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, understanding the organs, emotions, imbalances, and meridians behind each one of them. Discovering the inner pathways and awakening the meridians through Yoga, Thai Massage, Fascia Universe, Philosophy, Anatomy and Qi Gong.

Liquid Flow – 40h advanced training

Paris, Oct/Nov 2019

40h advanced Teacher Training with Simon Park and Klara Puski. Refinement of physical and energetic alignment inside of flow practise, the art of hands-on assisting and integrating the spiritual path into our teachings. Explored topics: – Dynamic, fluid and precise Vinyasa Flow practise – Energetic Alignment -Precice and therapeutic assist for students -Practising and Teaching Pranayama and Meditation -Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage -Therapeutic work with injuries -Theming, Integrating Yogic principles into teaching.

The Amazon

Ecuador, July 2019

The earth oldest living ecosystems totally enchanted me by its raw beauty, tangible magic and mysterious unknown. The Ecuadorian rainforest covers over 16 mio ha. Going by boat 10 hours deep down the Amazon to reach a beautiful lagoon. No people, no signal, no noise, no pollution… Only one guide thousands of trees, animals and plenty of water.

Journey Tingaling Amazon Tucan

Solyoga Mancora

Peru, May/June 2019

Probably the best yoga studio in Mancora, Peru. After arriving in Mancora I met my lovely friend Chloe with whom I did my teacher training in Bali. She directly invited me to the studio she was currently teaching at. I could take over several classes a week and teached there for two months. I loved practising and teaching at Solyoga after a morning surf session or before the sunset surf. Many different styles are offered, so if you have the chance to take a class go for it, it is absolutely worth it.

Journey Solyoga Mancora Tingaling Journey Solyoga Mancora Tingaling

Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Colombia, April 2019

Where the jungle meets the ocean. A place where you find waterfalls pouring out the forest, hidden thermal pools in the undergrowth and tiny villages without roads, cars or shops but lovely and happy people. Where you can find the best uncrowded surf breaks, which you only have to share with whales, dolphins and sea turtles. In this paradise we got to stay one month to work on an incredible project: Developing a place-based eco resort design, respecting the high-valued nature, its inhabitants and the tropical climate. Thank you for this opportunity. Can’t wait to come back and spend some weeks at this new resort, harvest my own grown vegetables and go for surf after some whale watching.

Pacific Coast Colombia Tingaling Pacific Coast Colombia Tingaling Pacific Coast Colombia Tingaling

Mundo Nuevo

Colombia, March 2019

Mundo Nuevo is a project, which protects the unique environment of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta from further deforestation and preserves/recuperates its natural ecosystems. Reaching over Minca this place is magical as it is still ruled by its nature through the abundance of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants. Staying here over one month to work on its own organic farm and teaching Yoga over the beautiful valley of Minca. This projects is amazing as it provides alternative living, while respecting and caring about the nature and incorporating indigenous and local communities.

Bloo Lagoon, Eco village

Bali, Juni 2018

Bloo Lagoon is an alternative for those travelers who treasure contact with nature and wish to live in harmony with it. Its philosophy is to live in harmony with the natural surroundings and the town of Padangbai, preserving and enhancing the beauty and integrity of the local culture and its ecosystem. Volunteering here for several weeks was such a pleasure. Getting up before sunrise to work in the garden to harvest delicious fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for the restaurant. Practising and teaching Yoga overlooking the blue lagoon of Padangbai…

Journey Bloo Lagoon Bali Tingaling Journey Bloo Lagoon Bali Tingaling

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