Dreamcatcher Blue Wall

Dreamcatcher Blue Wall


your own designed mala

Mandala simply means ‘circle’.
The Native American descendants understood that all of life moves in a circle and created lovely circular designs to more deeply connect with their natural environment.

Dreamcatcher Bed
Dreamcatcher Bed

Mandalas and Dreamcatcher

The sacred circle shape of mandalas has been used in many cultures all over the world as a form of spiritual practice.

There are many meanings of the mandala. Native Americans believed that the circular shape represents:

  • The circle of life. The path from birth to death.
  • The unification of man, nature, and the spiritual in a cyclical form.
  • A way to connect with the creators.

Mandalas were used as dreamcatcher to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams. People believed that hung up over the bed, the dreamcatcher will catch the dreams, which fill up the air and only let the good ones descend upon the sleeping person. The bad dreams will be caugth and destroyed in the first daylight.

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